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It all started with a quick message on Instagram. They were recommended to me that I follow them, due probably to my love of local coffee shops in Huntsville, AL. I saw that I was going to be their 1,000th follower. So I followed them and sent them a message letting them know that I was the 1k follower. They responded and asked me to come and find them for a free drink.

So a couple of days later I met up with them at one of their locations and posed for a quick picture with them. I took a couple of their truck with my phone and sent them. Told them it was nice to meet them and would they mind if I brought out my “big camera” to shoot a couple more. They said that would be great.

A few weeks later they were on my side of town so I went and met them and did a quick photo shoot of the truck and their barista. They were happy with the pictures and asked if I could do more. I told them that I would be happy to as my schedule allowed. So I would usually wait till they were parked somewhere interesting in town and go meet them and shoot some pictures.

I have been able to work with them at a couple of great locations in town, like the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, The Pet Hospital of Madison, and Audi of Huntsville this had led to more chances to work with them at different locations around town. It really culminated last week in being able to meet them at the Huntsville Airport and shoot with the truck, the baristas and a couple of Blackhawk Helicopters. All from a simple and quick message putting myself out there. They have been great to work with and are awesome people anyways. The coffee is also top notch.

If you have an event or just want some great coffee to come by your office, hit them up through Instagram at Arsenal Coffee. You’ll be glad you did. I recommend my personal drink Coconut Milk Almond Latte.

If you have a small business or large business and need business or product photography, drop me a message and lets see what we can do together!