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I got the chance, along with many many others, to attend the first ever Huntsville Coffee and Tea festival. It was a great time of local coffee and tea vendors and craftspeople from all over North Alabama.

While the coffee scene is not as robust (see what I did there?) in Huntsville as it might be in more of the third wave coffee cities on the coasts, it’s getting there. Being able to find great coffee in our mid-sized town is getting easier and better.

With local roasters like Rooster’s Crow Coffee, who roasts all his coffee in house and Piper and Leaf Tea company who grow and blend their own custom teas, it is an exciting time here in North Alabama.


Huntsville Coffee and Tea Festival 2019

Film: Ilford HP5+ 400 pushed to 1600

Camera: Canon Elan 7E

Developed at home by author

Camera: Canon EOS 77D

Can’t wait for this to become a yearly event in an even larger space.  If you missed it this year, be sure to make plans for next year.  Get your tickets early.


Also thanks to Arsenal Coffee for the VIP ticket hookup!